Training Files

Mentorship Program Weekly Evaluation Form Fillable

1 Hydrants for Instructor Manual

SCBA 1 for instructor book

3 Fire Dynamics for Instructor Manual

4 SCBA 2 Firefighter Survival for Instructor Manual

5,6,7 Handlines Lesson for Instructor Manual

8 Basic Forcible Entry for Instructor Manual

9 EES for Instructor Manual

10 Ropes and Knots – for Instructor Manual

11 Ladders-Roof-Ops-Lesson-for-Instructor-Book.pdf

12 SOG’s for Instructor Manual

14 Search for Instructor Manual

Firefighter Rescue/RIT for Instructor Manual

CFD Basic Training Extinguishers, Rubbish & Misc. Fires

Chimney Fires

Gasser and Sons Power Point Presentation

ID Lightweight Construction

Lightweight Construction PowerPoint

Initial Radio Reports

NYS Truss Symbol Powerpoint

ROCO Knots

Doing a 360 Exterior size-up with a TIC

This Week in Training – 445 Biltmore Ave follow up with NIOSH report

This Week in Training – 445 Biltmore Ave LODD 11-28-2017

This Week in Training – 445 Biltmore Ave LODD part 2 with NIOSH Report

445 Biltmore the whole story told by surviving FF Jay Bettencourt

Short Video 445 Biltmore

SCBA Emergency Escapes Quick Releases

SCBA Emergency Escapes Reduced Profile

SCBA Emergency Escapes Low Profile

FDTN SCBA Knowledge

This Week in Training – Chemical Suicides
This Week in Training – Sizing Up the Wood Frame Private Dwelling
This week in training 1-6-2016
This week in training 9-14 Thermal Imaging Camera
This week in training 9-21-2015 CO Incidents Detectors and our Meters
This week in training 9-28-2015 NYS Truss Identification System
This week in training 450 Moreland Rd Tactical Considerations 10-19-15
This week in training Evacuation in the Event of a Fire Alarm Activation 10-5-2015
10-11-2015 Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plan for 450 Moreland Rd

EES Annual Requal Checklist

EES Training Video 1

EES Training Video 2